All the World’s a Stage – of Some Sort

What a week, and days to come….

I do not judge, and this past week I chose to not fly any flags or show any colours, as I firmly believe that any couple’s choice should remain special and private behind their own closed doors. I don’t need to know, and I don’t want to know.

Between shark attacks, escaped and killed/re-caught prisoners, ISIS atrocities and terrorism, Canadian political fallouts, and witnessing the fact that the only thing that didn’t fall from Donald Trump was his wig, it has been a full news week!

In the coming week, people throughout the whole world must add a second to their clocks, to keep everything up to speed and on time. The Asteroid of Doom may be on its way. Google Chrome may be listening in on you right now. Your internet provider may soon bill you for copyright violations. At least I haven’t heard of any new conspiracy theories about anything. Volcanoes erupted weeks ago. No new earthquakes have dominated the headlines. In the coming weeks, who knows what will happen, but I’m sure we may all well hear about it on facebook first.

Copyright © 2015: L. Chrystal Dmitrovic

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