Actor Errol Flynn pre-fame in Australia, the debut segment from The Hollywood Trivia Closet

Errol Flynn, Captain Blood (1935)

Errol Flynn as Captain Peter Blood, Captain Blood (1935)

Written and narrated by Lorraine Dmitrovic

To listen to the debut segment of The Hollywood Trivia Closet featuring Errol Flynn, from the Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show 1:

Welcome to the first segment of the Hollywood Trivia Closet on The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show. This week’s feature tale takes a peek back at actor Errol Flynn the Tasmanian hunk – before becoming world famous.

In 1933, Errol Flynn had made a brief splash as Fletcher Christian in Australia with The Wake of the Bounty, but he soon found himself looking for work off-screen. With the tough times of the Great Depression, a number of odd jobs helped to pay the bills, and in an impulsive moment, he also stole his mistress’ diamonds. He dug wells for awhile in Diamond Downs in Queensland, Australia’s interior, and then he joined a mate to work 80 miles away on Stirling’s ranch, which could herd up to 100,000 sheep. Can you even imagine 100,000 sheep? For this job, Flynn found himself as second lowest man on the assembly line – of gelding young rams.

How exactly did this work? you may ask. Well, The first man had to clear away the mess from the ram’s posterior. Flynn would then take the ram, hold it upside down, and with the precision of a surgeon, cleanly bite off its walnuts with his teeth. The procedure was commonly known to Australian farmers as “dagging the boggets.” By the end of the day there would quite a collection of Ozzie prairie oysters. The job went without mishap for awhile, although Flynn could never quite totally wash off or cover up the smell of he-goat completely. Admittedly, his dating life suffered a bit for that, yet he wasn’t deterred long from seeking out a suitable filly, one closer to the scents hanging around the ranch. But Flynn couldn’t balance the job with his love life. He was officially run off the ranch when the owner discovered him with one of his daughters in her bedroom.

According to Flynn’s autobiography, My Wicked, Wicked Ways, while the owner went in search of a shotgun, Flynn grabbed his clothes and his hidden diamonds from that previous mistress, and high-tailed it. Not much later, a gold claim he’d once put in with a partner would be granted, but that’s another story for another day…. See you then, a month from now, with another tale from the Hollywood Trivia Closet.

Copyright © February 2016: Lorraine Dmitrovic

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