Film Review: Central Intelligence (2016) – a fun film with hilarious moments

June22-2016-Central Intelligence (2016)

Film Review: Central Intelligence (2016) – a fun film with hilarious moments
by Lorraine Dmitrovic

We went as a family last night to see Central Intelligence (2016), starring Dwayne Johnson as CIA agent Bob and Kevin Hart as accountant Calvin, former high school friends who become involved in a cat and mouse chase to track down the real villain whose mission was to procure offshore satellite encryption codes to launch weapons of mass destruction.

Fun from the get-go.  No one in the audience laughed, however, at the opening scenes set in the “twenty years ago” high school, and rightly so. The full-blown belly laughs, some of it bawdy bathroom humour, dotted the film a little later and throughout, all underscored with the unfolding bromance and “Can I really trust you?” relationship between the main characters.  Overall, the film was also a good statement against bullying.

Great fun. Some of it’s not appropriate for teens under 15, but it’s still a fast-paced “who’s the real bad guy spy” story highlighted with some fabulous slapstick. Johnson and Hart may well be the next new comedy team, and you can see a Central Intelligence 2 coming down the pipe.

Copyright © June 2016: Lorraine Dmitrovic

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