The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show: Mini-Show 7 – Literary Prose & Poetry Corner


The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show 7 – Literary Prose & Poetry Corner

Mats Finnborn hosts Show 7 of The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show, featuring the new segment, The Literary Prose & Poetry Corner.

*Northumberland County, Ontario author Shane Joseph reads an excerpt from his book “In the Shadow of the Conquistador,” released in October 2015. Copyright © 2015: Shane Joseph.

*Cobourg, Ontario author Linda Hutsell-Manning reads from the opening chapter of her as-yet unpublished novel, “The Tangling of Years.” The excerpt is Copyright © 2016 : Linda Hutsell-Manning.

*Roseneath, Ontario journalist, author and poet Lorraine D (also co-host of The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show) reads her in-the-style-of Shakespeare poem “Strategy – The Swagger Dance of Politics.” Copyright © 2002: Lorraine Chrystal Dmitrovic.

(Lorraine  D: Amazingly, a constable of ravens (also known as an unkindness, or conspiracy, of ravens) flew into our front yard while I was recording my poem. Office windows open, they began to kraa loudly among themselves – beginning on the second line of my poem and ending on the second last line. Ravens are known to frequent battlefields in the aftermath of war.)

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-Creative & text, intros and outro: Lorraine Dmitrovic
-The Ultimate Broadcast Show theme, intro and bridge music composed and performed by Trevor Giampieri. The Ultimate Broadcast Show theme, intro and bridge music Copyright © 2016 : Trevor Giampieri
-Sound editing/mixing: Trevor Giampieri & Lorraine Dmitrovic