Show 8 – The Ultimate Movies Broadcast – The Literary Prose & Poem Corner 2


Welcome to Show 8 of the Ultimate Movies Broadcast, November 2016. Another mini-show, we’re featuring the 2nd installment of The Literary Prose & Poetry Corner.

Toronto area poet and writer, Lawrence Arthur Kosowan, attended the same high school as Lorraine Dmitrovic, and they sang in the school choir together. They have known each other since 1972. Today Lawrence, also known as Larry, participates in many local area writing groups, and he recently did a reading at the first hugely successful ‎Scarborough Arts‎ – Art in the Park: Harrison Properties event held in Toronto this past August. For mini-show 8, Lawrence reads his two prose poem works “Ten Days into April” and “A Light Sketch,” copyright 2016.

This show, co-host Lorraine Dmitrovic reads from her romance-mystery novel set in 1933 Hollywood. A true mystery, I can’t reveal the name of the novel, written and copyright 1999 and released in 2000. She wrote her novel under a pen name, which shall also remain a mystery. She originally wrote the romance novel, part one of a trilogy, as though she were watching a movie unfolding upon the big screen.

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-Creative & text, intros and outro: Lorraine Dmitrovic
-The Ultimate Broadcast Show theme, intro and bridge music composed and performed by Trevor Giampieri. The Ultimate Broadcast Show theme, intro and bridge music Copyright © 2016 : Trevor Giampieri
-Sound editing/mixing: Trevor Giampieri & Lorraine Dmitrovic

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