The new Empress Books website

The new Empress Books website is now up and running:

Welcome to Empress Books, website home of journalist, author, artist, artisan and all-around crafter, Lorraine Dmitrovic.

I’m inspired by nature and by traditional and classic styles in art and fashion. The world is a wide realm of creative influences, from rustic to elegant, historic to contemporary, foundational to futuristic, and reality to dreams.” ~ Lorraine Dmitrovic

Lorraine Dmitrovic, 2019

On the Empress Books homepage, you’ll find links to Lorraine’s personal/professional pages:

The Empress Arts& Music Zine
The Art of Lorraine/L. Chrystal Dmitrovic in Private Collections
Linked In
Amazon Handmade
Yeahflix/other reviews
Guest blog by Bart Hawkins Kreps – “An Outside Chance”

2 thoughts on “The new Empress Books website

  1. Hi Lorr‎aine,
    I enjoyed a visit to your WordPress worlds‎ this morning. I’ve not used mine much, I think because I didn’t learn how to set it up properly. I found it is not easy to anticipate the navigation experience for visitors. And I get lost in a maze of screens when I’m visiting friends’ sites.
    By the way, I’ve been subscribed to Bart Kreps’ newsletter for some time, and enjoy those.
    I must have learned about Bart from your page‎. I’ve been wondering how I got started, until I saw him somewhere on Empress today.
    : )
    Thanks for keeping in touch. I hope and pray you and all yours are happy and well.


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    • Hi Larry,
      I can identify with the challenges of setting up wordpress sites, especially since I do not have a computer background and no experience in designing websites from scratch. I can do the most limited things with my personal blog here, and the new Empress Books wordpress site. It’s basically hit and miss, chance discovery of possibilities, and the merciful “undo” arrow. 🙂 I am currently trying to figure out how to make an index page of issues for the Empress arts zine to make for easier access of the issues, and also how to create a “menu” section onto the home page of the new site as appears here on my personal blog post pages – but I have idea of where to even begin! (The menus here were automatic when I first started the blog; didn’t have to do a thing.)

      I’ve known Bart since the late 1990s when he was my boss and editor at The Independent, based in Brighton, Ontario. For numerous decades he was also a webmaster, and he built, and maintained my original Empress Books site until a year ago or so. (He created authors Shane Peacock and Peggy Diamond Leavey’s websites and maintained them until a few year ago when relatives/other webmasters took the sites over for them.) Bart now pursues other creative interests, including his marvellous journey in nature/environmental photography and commentary. I love his articles and photography. He and I are presently working toward the full transfer of the Empress Books site to my ownership, which I need to retain for the domain and associated e-mail accounts.

      I really enjoyed your Translucent poem, so filled with raw, true emotion and feelings so close to the heart and on your mind. When things are more settled with my new Empress site, I would like to invite you to have a link there as a guest blog, if you wish. 🙂

      Keeping well. March has been an unexpectedly busy month.
      With kindness, and very best always,


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