About Lorraine Dmitrovic, author, poet, artisan

I am a writer foremost, and an artisan painter and jeweller living in Roseneath, Ontario, Canada. Formerly a journalist from and born in Toronto, I have lived in beautiful Northumberland County for over 25 years.

My artist’s statement:
If you are an artisan day is night and night is day. You forget to eat. You sometimes force yourself to make time for your family and friends. Your blank canvas or page before you demands the closest of relationships and can be a jealous lover. The paint on your brush or fingers, the keyboard.  is the medicine that heals you, and heals others through your vision when they look at your completed work. You look in the mirror and you can only see an artist at work always. If not painting or writing, your subconscious is absorbing your environment and your mindset for your next brush to canvas outing or the next word to emerge. If we sleep, our arts will wake us up and draw us magnetically to the work and pleasure of the day. We are alive because we are creating out of ourselves and putting ourselves on the canvas or the printed page. We perceive our surroundings and exhale magic ….

“If this be magic, let it be an art.”

William Shakespeare,
A Winter’s Tale

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