Joan Van Houten Interview Part 2 – Stepdaughter of a Wrongfully Convicted Man

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Joan Van Houten Interview: Part 2 – Stepdaughter of a Wrongfully Convicted Man

Part 2:
Co-host Lorraine Dmitrovic interviews Joan Van Houten, who works with The Voice of Innocence and is the stepdaughter of Mike Johnson, a wrongfully convicted man since 1995.

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Feature interview – Joan Treppa and Joan Van Houten about wrongful conviction

Show 3 Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show-feature int Joan Treppa Joan Van Houten-two

Lorraine: In this feature interview segment from Show 3, I speak with citizen advocate Joan Treppa and also Joan Van Houten, the daughter of a wrongfully convicted man; both Joans are contributing in their own ways to The Voice of Innocence groups as well as The Reporters Inc’s forthcoming documentary, The Innocent Convicts.

Link to the feature interview with Joan Treppa and Joan Van Houten – The Ultimate Movie Broadcast Show 3

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