The Hollywood Trivia Closet: First Celebrity & Movie Star Jobs – Part 2

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The Hollywood Trivia Closet – First Movie Star and Celebrity Jobs Part 2-Cary Grant & more

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Hollywood Trivia Closet, featuring celebrities and movie stars and their first jobs –
Loretta Young
Gary Cooper
Marlene Dietrich
Olivia de Havilland
Cary Grant

Text, video and audio editing: Lorraine Dmitrovic


Show 1 – The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show – Take 2

Show 1 -The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show podcast-Show 1 Premiere-feb28-2016

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Show 1 – The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show -Take 2 – the revamp

The podcast has landed!
Lorraine and Mats host the fun, new podcast, The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show featuring….

*Short Bits – news, new releases, Stan Lee, Val Kilmer,  report by author Peggy Dymond Leavey about a possible 2017 international film festival in Trenton, Ontario

*In memoria – Angus Scrimm, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Pat Harrington

*Mats hosts the Film Noir segment talking about 1948’s “The Scar”

*The Hollywood Trivia Closet looks at Errol Flynn

*Lorraine interviews author Peggy Dymond Leavey about one of the world’s first superstars, Mary Pickford

*Mike Pearl‘s musical choice in the first comment of the show’s album on facebook’s The Ultimate Movies Page – Silents to New Releases

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-Creative & text: Lorraine Dmitrovic
-Creative and text, Fim Noir Segment: Mats Finnborn
-Theme and bridge music composed and performed by: Trevor Giampieri
-Sound editing/mixing: Trevor Giampieri