That Damn Accordion !! & Peter and the Squirrel – Show 9 Ultimate Movies Broadcast

Co-host Mats Finnborn of Sweden introduces this month’s featured works on Show 9 of The Ultimate Movies Broadcast.

Larry Kosowan: Poems “The Pillar Candle,” and “Roads to Peace with Poems” and prose “Peter and the Squirrel.”

Lorraine Dmitrovic: “That Damn Accordion !!” a memory from her youth, Lorraine’s encounter with the accordion.

(Lorraine: “But now, in 2017, I love the accordion! Some things chase you for years and finally catch up with you. Take the ghost of my damn accordion. Last week, Larry Kosowan e-mailed me a photo of an accordion he found in a Toronto Humane Society thrift store for $30. Something awoke within me when I saw his photo.

Wednesday (April 26) last week I saw on Kijiji an accordion for $200 that resembled the one from my youth. Wednesday night I order the exact 3 books (still in print!) I used in my childhood lessons, and a music stand, from Amazon. The guy from Peterborough drops the accordion off at our house at 4:15pm on Thursday, saving us the trip and gas money to his place. The books and music stand from Amazon arrive Friday a little after noon. I’ve never received anything so quickly from Amazon. Later Friday afternoon I record myself playing the accordion for the first time in about 40 years – and tacked it onto That Damn Accordion !! to share how my experience with the accordion has come full circle.  It’s certainly a meant-to-be, regarding accordions. And you know, I think my paternal grandparents are smiling down from Heaven. I’m finally a  “good accordion playing girl” again! So – “Opa!”

Mike Pearl’s musical choices from You Tube are frequently posted on The Ultimate Movies Page – Silents to New Releases facebook page.

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-Creative & text, “The Pillar Candle,” and “Roads to Peace with Poems” and “Peter and the Squirrel” and Mat’s intro for his segment: Larry Kosowan

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The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show on YouTube – The Literary Prose and Poetry Corner: Shane Joseph and Lorraine Dmitrovic


The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show on YouTube:
The Literary Prose and Poetry Corner Show 2 –
Shane Joseph and Lorraine Dmitrovic

Today on the Literary Prose and Poetry Corner we’re joined by Northumberland County, Ontario author, Shane Joseph. He’ll be reading an excerpt from his book “In the Shadow of the Conquistador,” released in October 2015. The excerpt is Copyright 2015, Shane Joseph. Now we’ll listen in as he reads from “In the Shadow of the Conquistador.”
For more info about Shane Joseph:

Lorraine Dmitrovic has reviewed film and music, and has been a fan of Shakespeare since public school. A former community newspaper and general interest magazine journalist, author and poet, Lorraine D, also co-hosts The Ultimate Movies Broadcast. A long time fan of the Bard, she’ll be reading her in-the-style-of Shakespeare poem “Strategy – The Swagger Dance of Politics.” Copyright 2002, Lorraine Chrystal Dmitrovic. We’ll join Lorraine now as she takes us back to battlefield politics, unchanged since days of yore.
For more info about Lorraine Dmitrovic:

Lorraine: Amazingly, a constable of ravens (also known as an unkindness, or conspiracy, of ravens) flew into our front yard while I was recording my poem. Office windows open, they began to “kraa” loudly among themselves – beginning on the second line of my poem and ending on the second last line. Ravens are known to frequent battlefields in the aftermath of war.

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The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show 4 has landed!


Show 4 - Main promo post for facebook

The Show 4 podcast has landed!
Lorraine D in Canada and Mats Finnborn of Sweden host The Ultimate Movies Broadcast Show, highlighting the best of the world of film – past and present, the classic and offbeat, including once-minor films and genres that have stood the test of time and are gaining new audiences today.

Featured this month:
*Short Bits – film news, a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY, films in production, new releases for June/July 2016 and upcoming later releases

Show 4 - Lorraine and Mats Intro and Short Bits

NEW segment! This month premiering The Adventures of Herr Mann & Portulaca. Episode 1: “Where Shall We Eat Tonight?” The Adventures of Herr Mann and Portulaca: created and written by Lorraine Dmitrovic © : April 2016

Show 4 -Herr Man & Portulaca Show -Episode One -where eat tonight

Many kind thanks to accordionist Matt Tolentino for permission to use an excerpt from a performance at the Bavarian Grill in Plano, Texas in 2011 as theme and background music for the podcast serial The Adventures of Herr Mann & Portulaca. Matt is also leader of the 4-piece ensemble, The Matt Tolentino Band, a 7-piece polka band The Royal Klobasneks, and an 18-piece orchestra called The Singapore Slingers, which has been named the “Best Pre-Swing Jazz Orchestra” in Dallas.

*Mats, host of the Classic Horror segment, reviews the 1958 “B” movie, “The Screaming Skull” starring Peggy Webber

Show 4 - Mats Horror promo The Screaming Skull

*The Hollywood Trivia Closet – Celebrity First Jobs! Part 2

Show 4 - Hollywood Trivia Closet-Celebrity first jobs-part2

*In the feature interview, Lorraine speaks with Joan Van Houten, who works with The Voice of Innocence group, and is the stepdaughter of a wrongfully convicted man. Mike Johnson, whose case is included in the upcoming The Reporters Inc. documentary, The Innocent Convicts. The documentary is scheduled to air on PBS and other stations/venues at some point in the future.

Show 4 - Feature Interview part one- Joan Van Houten promo

*Mike Pearl’s musical choice in the first comment of the Show 4 album on facebook’s The Ultimate Movies Page – Silents to New Releases

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